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Affordable Spanish book proofreading & translation services for authors.

We help authors proofread or translate their books to Spanish in order to expand their audience into the fast growing Spanish speaking market. Fiction or non-fiction, you name!

Expand Your Audience Through Professional Services for authors

Proofreading or translation may sound straightforward and it can be, but capturing cultural and linguistic nuances is key to maintaining the work’s authenticity. Our team of transnationals with a depth of living and professional experiences in English and Spanish speaking countries will deliver mirrored messages in Spanish.


We have been trusted with both large and small book and e-book projects, and we have established ourselves as an authority in this niche. Our book translation or proofreading services aims to provide you with an end-to-end solution from translation to book proofreading. Once you write a book in English, we will translate it to Spanish and vice-versa in a digital and flawless version either for online distribution or so that you can start selling your content on your preferred digital platform.


Our expert Spanish translation service integrates the cultural nuances in translation to ensure your content is relevant for the local audience while keeping the original style and meaning. We have the linguistic and subject expertise to handle all multiple and complex overlapping themes contained in a book and also provide superior quality output.

As writing professionals ourselves, we understand not only the publishing process, but also the cultural sensitivity of your content. Hence, we ensure that the translated version also reflects what the author wants. In fact, we recommend reaching out to us to ensure that your book project gets translated or proofread professionally.


Types of books we proofread and translate from English to Spanish or viceversa.

We with with various genre types ranging from:

  • Academic books

  • Fiction and non-fiction

  • Textbook and training manuals

  • Theological books

  • Medical books

  • Children´s books

  • Self-help books, e-books etc.

It’s crucial to ensure that your translated book has an accurate language usage making it readable and easy for your audience to understand.

All files uploaded to our website are secured, and we also offer confidential services with a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure we will not make a claim on your copyright.  

Want to discuss your book project with us.? Feel free to reach out to us by email or live chat. If you would like us to call you, please contact us so that we can schedule a call and discuss your book project.

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